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Suzy Stewart Dubot

 Jeffra Hays, Elizabeth Rowan Keith, David Waine,
Jeffra Hays,
                                     Elizabeth Rowan Keith                                        
David Waine

Anna Scott Graham,  David Keith, Barnaby Wilde, 
nna Scott Graham
                                David Keith                              Barnaby Wilde,         
Alison Blake,  Don P. Bick, Elaine Waldron, Jane Foster,
                               Alison Blake,                                    Don P. Bick,                               Elaine Waldron                                     
Bill Rayburn,  Phil Duke,  
J. P. Yager,  Gary Weston
            Bill Rayburn                     Phil Duke                            J.P. Yager                                         Gary Weston      



Starlight Army is fiction, yet based on real characters and true events. Royalties go to the Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals towards their much needed new animal hospital.
By purchasing this book, you have already made a difference.

Suitable for adults and young adults.

Thank you.


Reviews :


Review by: Anna Scott Graham on Sep. 07, 2012 : starstarstarstarstar
Gary Weston has crafted a perfect blend of facts and heartwarming humor as Su and her unlikely crew target dog fighters as well as industrial farmers. Weston pulls no punches, exposing cruelties exacted upon domestic and exotic animals with grace and honesty. Su learns a few lessons too; this reader was caught up in a riveting story with an even deeper meaning.


Review by: sue kane on Sep. 02, 2012 : starstarstarstarstar
Comradeship, compassion, biker lifestyle, animal welfare, a rollercoaster journey, when a young girl joins up with a motorcycle club their common interest in animal protection takes them through a corridor of adventure peppered with amusement emotion fun and sadness. A well written novel by Gary weston from New Zealand. Sue Kane

Review by: Keith Taylor on Sep. 02, 2012 : starstarstarstarstar
What a great read, this book takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride. a book about bikers that have compassion and a desire to help animals escape from the cruelty that they suffer at the hands of their owners. They are joined by Su Kane a young girl who's eyes are opened to the mistreatment of animals at a very early age, this one incident shapes her transition from childhood to womanhood where her meeting with The Revolting Animals Motorcycle Club gives her the power to help give abused animals a voice and a chance to revolt against the people that treat them so cruelly .What a great book by Gary Weston, thought provoking sometimes shocking sometimes amusing but always compelling, you will just want to keep reading Set twenty years ago in the West Midlands of England,the Characters and their names are real and their activities in the book, though fictitious, are based on real events and the legalized animal cruelty and lack of compassion in some farming practices which existed then and in some instances still exist now. If this book makes one person stand up against animal abuse and cruelty it will have made a great achievement .




When missing actor and tortured dissident Cade Walton appears on Dr. Drew Clemmons’ ward, the tormented physician spirits both to another universe where liberty seems an elusive notion. New relationships emerge, but the fallout of short and long-term persecutions hinders the men’s adjustments, leaving their partners uncertain if the past can be left behind.

Retired, bored, bald Tom Fletcher uncovers another dastardly plot to change the laws of probability. Pausing only to take part in a Speed Dating evening, he is soon creating havoc across multiple universes dressed as a duck.

Can Tom beat the Smiths? Will he find love? Can he play darts? What's a duck got to do with anything?

This book should only be read by people with a sense of the absurd. 


Doris Marsh's life was a mess. With her marriage of fifteen years behind her, it still broke her heart to see her ex-husband with his new young love. She knew she had to get away from the small town and the constant reminders. Was she being brave or a coward running away? Would she find happiness in Fairhaven? And after a terrible event, who will be there to help her fix her broken life? 

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Dr. Elizabeth Rowan Keith & David Keith - a writing tandem!


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Writers Block !

The latest cooperative stories by Top Writers Block based on the theme 'Why Me?' 



Six 'indie authors', who can also be found on  the suzybazaar ebook website, have come together to write six short stories using the 'Painted Door' theme. Mystery, fantasy, murder and even comedy have been imagined for your pleasure. The proceeds from sales will go to the international charity the Smile Train. It is an association that gives a true smile to children born with a cleft palate and/or lip.



This novel, written with the collaboration of 5 indie authors, has been published on Smashwords! 100 % of proceeds to go to - Sea Shepherd


Just what is the trouble with Thorndyke? He doesn't even know himself but he's in it neck-deep! 

written by :

Anna Scott Graham, Barnaby Wilde, Gary Weston, Jeffra Hays & Suzy Stewart Dubot 


Here is the beginning of Chapter 1 :

Sweat beaded on Thorndyke’s upper lip. His breathing was controlled and shallow, in an attempt to avoid detection. The big bass drum of his heart felt as if it would burst from his chest. Being found was inevitable. Death was inevitable. He was merely prolonging the agony. Agony. Deep down, it wasn't death that really scared him. It was how he would die. These people meant business. To these people, their “clients” were people to keep in line, and those that stepped beyond that line were to be made an example of.

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New Arrival to the Website - Alison Blake



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Suzy Stewart Dubot

                 Gary Weston               Barnaby Wilde            Anna Scott Graham


 Phillip Duke's book



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             David Waine                                           Barnaby Wilde             


Suzy Stewart Dubot                               J.P.Yager

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  3 ebooks by Phil Duke


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An autobiography that will not leave you indifferent...


A raw portrayal of Don’s experience during the Vietnam War, dealing with dead and dying children. He exposes his soul discussing events in his life while coping with PTSD issues, not knowing for 40 years that he was suffering from the disorder. As conditions worsen he moves into a tent in the woods. Through treatment he returns to Vietnam and in a matter of a few months his whole life has changed. 

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First part of the sequel to 'A King's Head'

Mussa remained in her curtsey, her face lowered.
“You sent for me, ma'am,” she said softly. 

Queen Avalind smiled warmly and indicated that she should rise.
“Be at your ease, Mussa,” she said gently, “if you can — for I know that you have had another dream.” 
Mussa nodded solemnly.
“I have, ma'am.” She looked her sovereign full in the face for the first time. “And so have you.”

 Espionage in Regency times

This book has been selected as a finalist in the Global Ebook Awards...


FREE MP3 audio book in English 'Never Love Another'

FREE MP3 audio book in English  'The Timely Gift'

 Just published! : French version of 'Bed Times'  -  'Un Lit, Seuil des temps' ($0.99 or 0.86€ on Amazon)